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  • What We Do-SAMPLE.mp32:10
  • Get The Kids Jumpin-sample.mp31:27
  • Muckraker-SAMPLE.mp32:09
  • I Dont Want To-sample.mp32:18
  • Annie-SAMPLE.mp31:56
  • In The Shadows2:40
  • Nothing Left2:07
  • Escape Velocity1:40
  • Anarchy Is For Assholes1:55
  • 1:01
  • 1:31
  • 0:59
  • 1:27
  • Escape Velocity1:40
  • Nothing Left2:07
  • In The Shadows2:40
  • 1:01
  • 2:08
  • 1:27
  • 0:59
  • 1:31

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Third Saucer From The Sun LP
(2018-Rerun Records - RERUN #038)

Saucers were led by Craig Bell, founding member of legendary ‘70s Cleveland proto-punk bands The Mirrors and Rocket From The Tombs. (The other members went on to play with Pere Ubu, Frankenstein/Dead Boys, The Styrenes, Electric Eels and X__X.) Saucers was Craig’s first band when he relocated to New Haven, CT, after the breakup of RFTT. The band existed from 1977–1980 and released two 7”s of infectious garage rock and punky pop of the highest caliber. They were a favorite on the New Haven and East Coast circuit. Members included Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion) and Seth Tiven (Dumptruck, Dune Buggy) along with Malcolm Marsden, Katherine Cormack, and Malcolm Doak.
Third Saucer From The Sun is a newly remastered collection of material from their original 7" releases, along with other recordings, most on vinyl for the first time. The LP includes a full color insert with ephemera and new liner notes, along with a free digital download. 

preview audio:
"Annie" (SAMPLE)
"What We Do" (SAMPLE)
"Muckraker" (SAMPLE)

Rerun is a record label specializing in reissues and archival releases of 70s-80s Punk, D.I.Y. and other low-brow independent music.

Rerun is also a mailorder source for new Punk and indie reissues from other LIKE-MINDED labels and a reseller of used and collectible music.

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I Don't Want To b/w Get The Kids Jumpin' 7"
(2018-Rerun Records - RERUN #036)

The Jetboys were a striped shirt wearing, punky Power Pop band from Columbus, OH. They looked more like they'd fit in with the Fast or the Speedies in NYC than in a Midwestern town. They started when members of other local bands came together and formed a side band, just for fun. They played a bunch of shows in the area, but only released one 45 in 1981. The record was band financed, but it was released under Mike Rep's New Age Records imprint. The band soon faded, but the single stands as a hidden treasure among the more obscure reaches of the early days of punk.
Rerun presents a newly remastered reissue, in a limited edition of 500 copies. It comes in a heavyweight pocket sleeve, along with a fold-out insert featuring new liner notes and previously unpublished photos of the band.

preview audio:
"I Don't Want To" (SAMPLE)
"Get The Kids Jumpin'" (SAMPLE)