The Shivvers-s/t LP/CD
2020-Rerun & Bachelor Records (RERUN #039/BR-107)

Untouchable early '80s Power Pop from Milwaukee, WI. They only released one 45 during their existence, but it stands up as one of the top tier Power Pop singles of all time. This collection plays like a long lost album or maybe even a collection of classic, lost 45s. Timeless, perfect pop songs that echo the Raspberries as much as they do Brill Building hits. Almost every number sounds like it could have, should have been a hit single.

This release is a new and improved issue of the collection that Sing Sing released in 2014. The audio has been improved, and it's available on CD for the first time. The LP comes with a 12"x36" double-sided insert with photos, liner notes, etc. and a replica of the original Shivvers bumper sticker. All materials (except the bumper sticker) are replicated for the CD format.

Co-released with Bachelor Records out of Austria. UK and European customers need to order through Bachelor at:

If you want to keep your LP package complete, but would like an extra high quality vinyl bumper sticker to slap on your car, guitar case or whatever, you can add
extras for $1.00 each when you purchase the LP format. If you purchase the CD, you can still add them on, but your order must contain at least one other LP for shipping/packing purposes.

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No Direction-s/t LP
2020-Rerun Records (RERUN #027)

Reissue of the first punk LP to ever come out of Sioux Falls, SD. Originally self-released in 1983. Sixteen blasts of stripped down garage punk pop, brimming with frantic energy. A DIY classic from the Midwestern, frozen tundra region.

Manufactured from the original metal parts, so it sounds just like the original pressing. Comes with a double-sided 12"x36" insert with photos, liner notes, etc. and free MP3 download with several bonus tracks. Limited pressing of 500 copies.

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BOB-s/t LP
2020-Rerun Records (RERUN #037)

As part of the early San Francisco punk scene, BOB unleashed some of the most intense Art Punk and angular New Wave of the era. This isn't slash n' burn Punk that would soon morph into lunk-headed hardcore. This is brainy punk performance art with a vibraphone. Embracing the D.I.Y. aesthetic, BOB released two singles and an LP during their brief existence.

This LP collection contains their entire recorded output, originally released 1980-1983. Fully remastered audio, including a double-sided 12"x36" insert with liner notes and previously unpublished photos. Includes free download.

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The Haskels-Taking The City By Storm LP/CD
2020-Splunge Communications & Bachelor Records (SPL 026/BR-114)

The Haskels – Hard Punk Pop From Milwaukee circa 1981

Rising like the phoenix from the ashes of the first version of the band; The Haskels served up heavy doses of three minute, adrenaline-fueled hard punk pop, as evidenced on the highly sought after, Killed by Death bootlegged, “Taking the City by Storm” EP released in 1981 on their own Milwaukee Hits label. Now the full story of the band can be heard, seen, and told.

As the decade turned from the rust belt 70’s to the Reagan-era 80’s, the original Haskels (see their self-titled LP released last year on Splunge) split into two factions, with the local punk/new wave/post-punk scene moving to the gritty Starship club in downtown Milwaukee. The Haskels were instrumental in getting bands to play the venue, including the Oil Tasters, Plasticland, Ama-Dots, Shivvers, Die Kreuzen and a burgeoning Violent Femmes.

The version of the Haskels represented here initially included Presley Haskel and Gerard LaValliere, fresh from the first line up of the band; joined by the crack rhythm section of Bobby Mitchell and Vodie Rhinehardt. Later tracks, including the EP were recorded by the Presley/Bobby/Vodie trio. In either case, the material is a match made in punk pop heaven; coupling Presley’s knife-sharp songwriting sensibilities with a tight unit of A-Team musicians driving the music forward.

“Taking the City by Storm” includes 14 tracks of rare and never before released material from the Splunge Archives. The release is comprised of demos, live tracks and the entire, highly coveted “Taking the City by Storm” EP, remastered for the first time. Co-released with our pals at Bachelor Records, we’re sure you’ll dig hearing these long-lost gems. Distributed exclusively in North America by Rerun Records.

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Sample The Haskels audio at BANDCAMP HASKELS

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The Haskels-s/t LP/CD
2019-Splunge Communications - Distributed by Rerun Records

Hearing this artifact of the original Midwest first-wave punk era is akin to finding a treasure

buried amongst shards of glass in the sands of time. Meticulously restored from the original, never-before-mixed master tapes, The Haskels lost studio album, recorded on one cold October day in 1979 at Milwaukee's  soon-to-close Solar Studios, should set the record straight on perhaps the most important lost gem of the era birthed from the Midwest, US, or otherwise worldwide.

Milwaukee's Haskels were kings of the late 70's punk scene, centered at Zak's North Avenue nightclub, sharing the stage with bands like the Lubricants, Blackholes, Orbits, Plasticland and others that have found their way onto bootlegs and posthumous releases of their own. 

Their sound was a combination melded from the roots/glam/Detroit-inspired, naive retro pop sound of godfather/scenester Presley Haskel, and Richard LaValliere's surreal dream-based narrative genius compositions, fleshed out by Gerard LaValliere's precise guitar attack and Guy Hoffman's unorthodox but dance-inducing beats. The band's chops as well as their charisma carried the day, as they filled clubs and held court at the Haskel Hotel, their headquarters in the run-down Brady Street area of Milwaukee's lower East side.

The Haskels, evolved out of another popular pre-punk band of the time, In A Hot Coma, burned brightly from 1977 to 1979, supernova-ing after their last show together on New Year's Eve 1979. Presley and Gerard continued on to form the next version of the band, with Presley's Haskels releasing the classic "Taking The City By Storm" EP in 1981, while Richard and Guy went on to form the Oil Tasters, releasing two 45's and the acclaimed Oil Tasters self-titled LP on Thermidor Records in 1982. Guy later went on to drum for the BoDeans and ultimately, the Violent Femmes.

Meticulously restored from the original, never-before- mixed master tapes, The Haskels lost studio album, recorded on one cold October day in 1979 at Milwaukee's soon-to-close Solar Studios, should set the record straight on perhaps the most important lost gem of the era birthed from the Midwest, US, or otherwise worldwide. 

All LPs include a two sided 12”x24” insert and a download card for a MP3 download of the LP plus five bonus tracks. CD format comes in a card stock mini-LP jacket style cover.

Sample The Haskels audio at BANDCAMP HASKELS

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