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Records, CDs, Cassettes
Posters, 'Zines and much more coming soon!

Punk Rock, Hardcore, New Wave, Powerpop, D.I.Y., Post Punk, Synthy stuff, Goth, Indie Rock,
Bubblegum, Garage, Psych, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and a few other things!

We also sell at Discogs, with some items not found in the Rerun store...just like the store has items not listed at Discogs!
Discogs seller ID: jasonrerun


Although everything you purchase through the shopping cart should be available, there are times after record shows or busy weekend web sales that find us a little behind on deleting items that sold there. We also have some items listed on Discogs and other venues at the same time as here...but we try to keep that updated within 24-48 hours. Please keep this stuff in mind when ordering, and really...we'll do our best to keep everything up to date. Just don't holler at us if we miss something!

All $5.00 and under used items have a quick, yet conservative visual grade, often without exact details. If you need further info on these or anything else, just ask!

Postage and shipping info:

-All records are shipped with the vinyl outside of the cover, except for sealed items. All vinyl is removed from printed inner sleeves and placed in a generic white paper inner sleeve. We will only open and separate sealed items at your request, otherwise, we will tight tape the four center edge points to reduce shifting. All records are well packed in record mailers with extra reinforcement/padding. All cassettes and CDs are sent in heavy cardboard mailers or in padded envelopes with plenty of cardboard protection. We take great care in packing.

Shipping rates: (Updated as of 2-4-16)

U.S. customers:
$4.00 for 1-2 7", CD or CS via 1st class mail
$4.50 1-2 LPs or 3-4 7"s, CDs or CS via Media Mail
$5.50 3-5 LPs or 5-8 7"s, CDs or CS via Media Mail
$8.50 6+ LPs or 9+ 7"s, CDs or CS via Media Mail

All U.S. packages are sent with delivery confirmation. We will ship Priority Mail or other methods at your request and expense. Jus ask for rates.

**For U.S. customers, postal insurance is optional, and all purchases are at your own risk. Insurance is charged at the rate of $1.50 per $100 of coverage.**

NON-U.S. customers
-It's best to place your order but NOT pay for it. We will respond with a Paypal money request that has an exact total, including shipping.

-As of January 17, 2016, the U.S. post has raised rates yet again. International shipments now have a drastically different tiered system which causes most packages between 8oz and 2lbs to ship at the same, two pound rate. For example, 2 7"s (normally weighing 8-10oz) will cost the same as shipping 4-6 7"s to most non U.S. destinations. 1 LP will cost the same as 2 or 3 (in most cases.) Please be advised that the non-U.S. rates are meant as a guideline. We will weigh each order and make sure we invoice for the proper amount.

-Regardless of the rates listed below, any package that is over 2lbs must ship via Priority Airmail. If you order weighs 4lbs, it's sometimes cheaper to split into two 2lb 1st class shipments. The rates below are meant as a guideline, and we will charge you based on actual weight of the package. We will gladly provide shipping quotes if you email your order and location.

-Registration for countries outside of the United States is REQUIRED for all orders over $150.00. The cost is $25.00 per package in addition to shipping charges. This requirement may be dropped for repeat customers in good standing.**

$10.50 packages up to 8oz
$16.50 packages over 8oz, up to 2lbs
$26.00+ based on actual package weight (packages over 2lbs up to 4lbs run $26-38)

All other non-U.S/Canadian countries based on weight:
$15.00 packages up to 8oz
$23.50 packages over 8oz, up to 2lbs
$36.00+ based on actual package weight (packages over 2lbs start at $36.00 and go up quickly from there)

1 7", CD or CS is usually 6-7oz, but two will often bump it to the second tier pricing. 1 LP will be $23.50, but you can get 2-3 LPs for that same shipping rate, as long as it's under 2lbs. We are also able to ship CDs without jewel cases to save costs.

Any questions at all, email: Jason 'at'