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The Welders

The Welders were a punk rock band started by five teenage girls in St. Louis in 1975. There was Caroline (bass), Jane (drums), Julie (guitar), Rusty (guitar) and Stephanie (vocals). We were 13 - 15 years old. We were straight-A students and we all wore glasses. Most of all, we loved rock'n'roll. British Invasion and glitter mostly. We also loved comedy like the Marx Brothers and Monty Python. 4 of us worked as busgirls at a Chinese restaurant to raise money for instruments. By 1976, we'd all gotten contact lenses and learned to apply makeup.

We met our first two managers, Norman Schoenfeld and Jim Maresca at Northwest Plaza. They arranged for us to play our first show at a teen club called the Blueberry Jam in Hazelwood in November of 1976. We played 3 songs: "I Don't Want to Walk Around With You" by the Ramones, "Wild Thing" by the Troggs and "I Can't Explain" by the Who (except for one of us who was playing a different Who song entirely).

Our second show was the First St. Louis Punk Rock Festival at the 4th and Pine club downtown in January of 1977. After this show, we parted ways with our guitarist Julie. The next show, another Punk Rock Festival at the Florissant Civic Center was the pinnacle of our punk rock band/comedy show concept for which we had a loose script and many props. Our introduction music was "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" as sung by Maurice Chevalier from the musical "Gigi". We also covered "I Trusted You" by Andy Kaufman during this show.

The Welders played perhaps a dozen shows total as punk rock gigs were very hard to book in St. Louis at this time. One of our favorite shows was the Stonehenge club show in the summer of 1978 supporting the Scruffs and the Singapores.

In 1979, we parted ways with Stephanie and school chum Colleen became our new singer. We recorded a 4-song demo that will, hopefully, finally be released on vinyl in 2009, 30 years after recording it. During the last phase of the band, Lyla joined on drums while Jane played Farfisa and Vox organs. We played a few shows with this line up. Then on Christmas day, 1980, the Welders decided it was no fun anymore and broke up.

As far as we can tell, the Welders are currently all productive members of society.

On December 26, 2009, the Welders reunited to play a 30th anniversary show at the Off Broadway club in St. Louis.

A 4-song e.p. on red vinyl has been issued by world famous BDR Records in 2010.

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The Welders-s/t 7"ep
(2010-BDR #3)

Previously unreleased EP from 1979!

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MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #333 - February 2011
The three hundred and thirty third issue of the "hardcore bible", and look who's on the cover!
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Later line up with Lyla