Last Sons of Krypton-Atom Bomb 7"
1997-Rerun Records (RERUN #004)
Only my fourth release, and it's already another reissue. This garage punk band was from Manitowoc, WI and self-released this EP in a pressing of 300 copies in 1996. I bought a consignment copy from a local store, and then went back the next day to buy the rest of the few copies they had, to send to friends. It was one of the best records I had heard that year. The original pressing came on clear vinyl, and there were a few different sleeves issued. I think a third or so of the copies were sold without a sleeve.

The band briefly moved to Florida, and I had been writing to them to ask about a repress. After much back n' forth, I finally got my hands on the pressing plates. I made new labels (a spoof of the early Beserkley design) and had 300 more run off the original plates. I half-toned the photos for the sleeve so you could actually make out the detail, and the band did the same crappy cover layout. It included a small lyric insert and a label insert, which is hand-numbered. The label insert has my obnoxious notes, trying to poke fun at one of the band members.
Pressing info:

300 copies on black vinyl, with two inserts. By the time this came, I was about to move to St. Louis and I had my fill of the one band member. Besides the 100 or so band and distributor copies, I decided to stick the other 200 in storage, making it out of print, essentially. It wasn't until at least a few years later that I sold the bulk of them at wholesale.

Medical Tourists-s/t LP
2012-Rerun/ Import Export Records (RERUN #007/IMPEX 002)
High concept but low brow St. Louis band. Geek Wave meets Nerd Punk but without any cutesy cliches. Bass, guitar, synth and drum machine. Songs about being positive, city lights, having the proper attire and moving forward in every regard. This is not music for sloth.

Recorded and assembled by the band in their practice space. Almost two years in the making, but we think it was worth the wait. Brilliant cover painting by the much revered Ron Keas and comes with an in-flight brochure. Co-released with Import Export Records out of Paris, France.
Pressing info:
One pressing of 500 copies, half of which were distributed by Import Export in Europe. There is also a test press edition of 20 numbered copies. It has alternate artwork, map piece and air sickness bag. This is one my music projects and one of three minor distractions from the all-reissue model.

VOM-Live At Surf City 7"ep
2012-Rerun Records (RERUN #006)

VOM, short for vomit. Formed at the roots of L.A. Punk. Not really part of, but then again, sorta the kings of the scene for a brief moment in the late ' least in our history books.

Fronted by revered writer and critic Richard Meltzer, with future Angry Samoans members Gregg Turner (2nd vocals) and "Metal" Mike Saunders on drums. The other half was made up of Dave Guzman on 'tuneless rhythm guitar', Lisa Brenneis ('Gurl') on bass and Phil Koehn on lead guitar. These six took 'obnoxious' to an entirely new level. They lasted about exactly as long as a real Punk band should. Ending after just enough time to conduct a handful of adventurous, ultra-messy live gigs and somebody suckered into putting up the dough to press a record.

VOM's Live at Surf City EP originally came out on White Noise Records in 1978 and has since been heralded as a bona-fide American Punk classic. They crammed as many minutes of noise that the 7" vinyl would allow. They managed to fit "I'm In Love With Your Mom", “Too Animalistic”, “Electrocute Your Cock”, “Punkmobile” and “God Save The Whales”. Each one HIT!

Rerun is happy to bring you the first official reissue of this mind boggling document since it's initial release. We've re-mastered the audio from the original, rotting tapes master tapes, and it's never sounded better. They're all on thick, black vinyl, and each one comes with a double sided 7" x 14" insert featuring unpublished photos and new liner notes by Gregg Turner. All copies come in a heavyweight, glue pocket picture sleeve, but we're offering two cover choices. One is a reproduction of the original B&W art, and the other is a color version of the sleeve. The new color treatment is by Ronn Spencer, the original sleeve designer and label co-head of White Noise Records. Get 'em both!
Pressing info:

There are two pressings of the VOM EP. First pressing is 1000 copies, 500 in each sleeve. Second pressing was done in early 2017 and is of 500, 250 of each sleeve. There are also two test press editions of 15 numbered copies, each in a unique sleeve. The first is a rejected version, which we had the A-side re-cut to fix "I'm In Love With Your Mom." The approved test is the same as the stock copies pressed.

The Wongs-Get Away! 7"ep
1996-Rerun Records (RERUN #002)
The second release on Rerun was the first EP by Tempe, AZ garage punk band The Wongs. They contacted me about a release, and since I was broke at the time, we split the cost and pressing. I did the artwork and insert. I didn't show the insert to the band, and it turned out that they hated it. I believe they took them out of their half of the pressing. The band went on to have an LP on Rip Off a couple years later. Ryan Wong the drummer was in the Reatards and Destruction Unit.
Pressing info:

There are two pressings of the Wongs record. First pressing is 500 copies in a cardstock, foldover B&W sleeve. The 250 Rerun copies were sold with the insert. The second pressing is of 300 copies, and the sleeve was changed to brown and white, and the paper stock is thinner. A different, label related insert was issued with the second run.

Manic Depressives/0:30 Second Flash-split mLP
2011-Rerun Records (RERUN #010)
Both bands were the brain child of Larry Holmes who ran the legendary Vinyl Solution record label and the Final Solution fanzine in New Orleans. Beginning in 1979, Vinyl Solution released singles by early punk bands Red  Rockers, Shell Shock, Toxin III and other locals, along with the scene defining No Questions, No Answers compilation LP. The vinyl releases are U.S Punk classics, and his Final Solution fanzine was by far, the best documentation of the early New Orleans punk scene. Making sure to cover all angles, Larry put the Manic Depressives together. He chose pals like local loonie Mandeville Mike and members of the Models to fill the line up. The band didn't last too long, but they managed to leave behind a 7"ep and a two compilation cuts of tough, yet melodic speed punk. When the Manic Depressives ended, Larry formed the similar sounding 0:30 Second Flash with another group of friends. They recorded a four song EP and played live a few times, but they were over even faster than the Manic Depressives. The EP was not released as planned, and Larry, like many others got bored with punk when it turned hardcore.

We've collected the complete recordings of both bands on a 45rpm 12". Side one has the Manic Depressives 7”ep and compilation tracks from 1980-1981, while side two is the unreleased 0:30 Second Flash 7"ep from 1981. Pressed in a an edition of 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a color jacket with previously unpublished photos and liner notes.
Pressing info:
500 copies on black vinyl. Comes unsealed in a poly sleeve with hype sticker. There is also a test press edition of 15 hand numbered copies with alternate art.

Spent Idols/Dead End Kids-split LP
1997-Rerun Records (RERUN #003)
I decided to do an LP, and I jumped at the first positive contacts I had. Dead End Kids were from Florida and Spent Idols from southern CA. I was disappointed that the Spent Idols submitted almost entirely covers, but I had already agreed to do the release. I tried to do it as cheaply as possible, so I did most of the cover art and half of the insert. A cut-n-paste, DIY job. I printed two 11"x11" pages for the cover art, and the insert was B&W offset. I pasted the artwork onto blank white jackets for the first 100 or so. Then I switched to thrift store record jackets for the next 75 or so. After that, I didn't even use a jacket, as I had enough left that I was including them for free with bigger mailorder orders. I did get to attend the record release show with the Dead End Kids while on vacation in Florida.
Pressing info:

These got rejected by a couple distributors for quality issues. The covers were acceptable, but all of the vinyl had a slight dish warp. It was pressed at this discount pressing plant in Detroit, and they all came in on very thin, flimsy vinyl and with the warp. They played fine but were a nightmare to sell with the poor pressing quality. 500 pressed with 200 on clear and 300 rest on black. Ask for a free copy if you place an order!

Reactors-It's Not Important b/w Cold Eyes 7"
2011-Rerun Records (RERUN #008) 
Several great punk bands have used the name the Reactors...from San Bernardino, New York City, Austin...and Tulsa, as long as you count Los Reactors. The Austin based Reactors was led by Mike Runnels, and although they may not have shared the same longevity or success as that of the Big Boys or 1980 they left behind one single as proof of their brief existence. Two moody punk killers. Six intense minutes of nervous desperation.

Rerun Records is pleased to bring you an authorized reissue of this classic single. The original picture sleeve is reproduced along with previously unpublished photos, gig posters and a new interview with Mike Runnels. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a heavy, cardstock sleeve.
Pressing info:
500 copies on black vinyl. There is also a test press edition of 15 hand numbered copies with alternate art.

2012-Rerun Records (RERUN #009)
This band was from St. Louis. They were obviously going for some type of cool-kid synth punk sound when they started in 2003. Lucky for us, their ineptitude and lack of owning a synth left us with a bargain basement version of Casio fueled wave-punk. Drum machine, bass, guitar with ?? effects and an overdriven Casio keyboard. Song subjects cover disgust of humans and robotic love. What else is there?

The three songs on this record were taken from a demo session recorded in 2004. We had the original engineer remix and remaster them for optimal vinyl playback. Pressed on thick, black vinyl and packaged in a heavyweight glue pocket sleeve with a postcard insert. Featuring two members of Prefecture and Medical Tourists.
Pressing info:

500 copies on black vinyl. There is also a test press edition of 21 hand numbered copies with alternate art. Another non-reissue release of one of my music projects. Shoulda been pressed in an edition of 200, as the band was long gone and not known to start with. Ask for a free copy when you place an order!


1st press with colored dust sleeve

  rejected test press                                               approved test press

RERUN #001-#010

....Phase II: St. Louis - I moved to St. Louis, MO in 1998. I decided to take a break from the label for awhile. A couple years after moving, I helped put together some reissues of Screamin' Mee-Mees material for Gulcher Records. Then, I worked on some other archival/reissue releases. For some reason, I got the drive to release records again, instead of handing off projects to other labels for the final lap. I got things moving again in 2011. The plan was to strictly release reissue and archival releases, but I did end releasing some of my own music projects in the first year or so of reviving the label...Medical Tourists, SYNTAX ERROR and Prefecture. I probably should have done those on a sub-label, to keep Rerun strictly reissues. I started to do so, but quickly decided to not release anymore non-reissue releases...well, except for that one M.O.T.O. EP.

Boris The Sprinkler-She's Got A Lighter 7"ep
1996-Rerun Records (RERUN #001)
The first release I did as Rerun Records. The label name came from this, because it was a reissue/rerun of a previous release I did on my first label, Trouser Cough. The 7" was originally a one-sided, two song 7", but Norb gave me a song for the b-side. It is a cover of the (Paul Collins) Beat song "Rock n' Roll Girl" that was on some odd ball European tribute CD or something.
Pressing info:
There are two pressings of 1000 copies each. The first batch had a chartreuse background on the sleeve and came with a lyric sheet and a full-color Boris The Sprinkler trading card. All on black vinyl, if I remember correctly. The second run of a thousand came in a sleeve with a royal blue background and instead of a trading card, these came with a Boris The Sprinkler matchbook with lyrics. Four different matchbook colors, randomly inserted. The second run also has red vinyl copies, which I think was 400 of the pressing...maybe 200. Paperwork is long lost. There was a test pressing edition, with single panel art insert for a cover. Hand-numbered of 15 copies and mostly distributed to the band and label.

  rejected test press                                               approved test press

BOB-Things That You Do b/w Thomas Edison 7”
2011-Rerund Records (RERUN #005)

Reissue of the brilliant, debut single from 1980 by one of San Francisco’s most original Punk/New Wave bands. Punk with a xylophone, and it works great! Authorized reissue pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl. Comes in a a heavyweight, glue pocket picture sleeve and a double sided 7" x 14" insert featuring unpublished photos, liner notes and a new interview with members of the band. The first release on the new phase of Rerun Records.
Pressing info:
One pressing of 500 copies. The first 50 copies came with a replica of an original BOB 1" pinback button. There is also a test press edition. The first test pressing came back from the plant with slightly muffled sound, almost like a pressing defect. It's only mildy noticeable, but the second batch sounded brighter and how it was mastered. There were ten of these made. We made a unique sleeve for it. it's on regular color copy paper. The labels and back are numbered.